About me


My name is Kasia Haldas

I’m a designer and illustrator with more than 14 years of professional experience. Graduated Architecture and Urban Planning at Silesian Technical University, in love with crafts since childhood. I was working as an architect in architectural design office for a few years.

However once, after very long illness, I decided to follow my dreams. Devote myself for the biggest passion, which is painting. Today I’m a freelancer, in my work I focus myself on the visual media and telling stories through the pictures.


I’m the beginner blogger, so please be gentle with me. I try to do my best, still learning about wordpress and blogging, improving the blog, however it’s pretty new experience. DROBNY SZCZEGOL has been dedicated mostly to my works connected to Poland, Polishness and Polish traditions. My main inspiration in this topic is Upper Silesia, which you will find described in About Silesia category.

In private

Being one foot in Berlin and second in Upper Silesia. Pole and European woman, who is in love with real Silesian male. I like animals, dogs and cats the most, I don’t own any pet in the moment but I enjoy talking to and playing with each of them, already known or accidentally meet during my walks. In my spare time I consume books and hectoliters of coffee, also willingly widen my knowledge in some interesting me areas.

I’m a geek from nature, I love technology, internet and social media. I will be honored, if you would like to visit my homepage or my profile on instagram.


Like every third person, my passion and strength is learning. I love learning new things, developing skills (both technological and manual). I’m very glad being able to share my knowledge, which is why usually I’m giving little too long answers.

Do you have an idea what I can do for you? Contact me at office@imagesower.com