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Landscape of Silesia is shaped by the energy

Silesia and Energy

Silesia is a pure energy and there is no exaggeration in that. The region was associated only with energy coming from coal, today it starts to be acquired from alternative sources. This short article speaks about wind farms, which are the least popularized source of renewable energy on Silesia.

Wind farm and the ladybug

Modern wind farms started slowly appear in Silesia region few years ago. The most difficult part of the process of building new construction is to convince people. In small local communities “a fun” near their homes is perceived as a threat that blemishes the natural beauty of landscape. Some people really like the idea and the possibility of buying cheaper energy is very attractive for them. From the other side are people, who own building plot or other acreages, near potential localization of the wind farm. The vast majority of them don’t have too much and they treat own ground like a capital investment. Having fun in their close neighborhood makes their grounds less attractive on the real estate market.

The position of local authorities

Local government still educate people and explain all profits coming from developing alternative sources for energy. Slowly people start to understand this. (Read more about Silesia region here). Also helpful is younger generation, which looks into the future and usually expects progress of infrastructure.

My illustration to the topic

Considering this topic I’ve chosen a flying ladybug as the miniature signature. For me it’s a symbol of  naturalness and vitality, which are inherent part of vegetative period and summer time. Big part of Silesia are still fields, and energy farms are located between them. Painted by me during Spring 2017.

Energy shapes Silesia’s landscape

As addition to this post I’ve attached compilation of sketch and almost ready illustration photos. I’ll be pleased with your comment. If you are interested by this topic or have any suggestions, please share them with me. Read more about Silesia here. Thank you!

Thank you,
Kasia Haldas

information included in this article were found on websites Gram w zielone and on the Polskie Radio.

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